Working From Home

Stay Connected with blueButler's Daily Call Activity Manager

blueButler's Daily Call Activity Manager will:

-Automatically record and embed all phone calls for the individual user and Management to access, anytime, anywhere

(calls remain private to the user and the user's manager)

-Display phone calls like Outlook displays email

-Automatically displays a visual of every call with meta-data and playback buttons as soon as the call is complete 

-Visual display of the call content / subject and tells the users whether or not an Activity in your Agency Management System was or was not created

-Display of Number of calls by staff and by call content

-Sort and search for calls by Customer / Staff / Phone Number Used / Subject / Content Tag / Call Duration / Other and allows users to Click “play” on any call to ensure best practices are followed

-Function keys at your figure tips to playback or email/share a recording as required for collaboration, email and track leads 

-Enables “Click to Call” – just click on the number on your screen and blueButler will make the call from your desk phone

W0rking@Home with blueButler

blueButler's Work@Home Application Provides:

-Staff self and organizational accountability 

-Management oversight  into all areas critical to your business

-Collaboration among staff and management as if you never left the office

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