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Executive Management

Company Overview

Bob Casselli

President & CEO,


Bob is a lawyer with a business degree and has over 35 years experience in high-tech; Bob was formally COO at Switchview Inc (now Avotus) where Bob was involved in all aspects of the software startup (including VC fund-raising rounds and the merger with MDR Technologies) that grew to ~$40M and 400 employees.

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John McDonald

VP, Product Management & CTO, Founder

John has a B, Math (Computer Science) degree from UW and has over 35 years experience in the software industry (engineering, pre-sales/post-sales technical support, product management & marketing); John was VP engineering & product management at Switchview Inc working with Bob to grow the company. 

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The blueC Story

blueC came together with a team of experts in key areas: telephony, database development, networks technology software, and past lives “big picture” experience distributing telephony software solutions to the most demanding of Fortune 500 companies. It’s these cornerstone areas of expertise that enabled blueC to formulate, execute and evolve its vision to deliver automated solutions that capture and manage “content” from voice communication to drive workflows, self accountability and management insight.

The blueButler integrations (with AMS/BMS systems and also with most VoIP systems) and secure data base approach to source phone call content management has lead to automated self accountability, accelerated workflows, the revolutionary practice of real time audio signatures, and content drill down reports to provide continuous oversight of staff performance, in the mobile, work-at-home and in-office work environment.

A recent trend in the market is the movement away from traditional PBXs to hosted VoIP services. We re-architected blueButler as the platform for our secure, hosted site that integrates with many of the market-leading hosted VoIP service platforms. The need to work-from-home has accelerated the conversion to hosted VoIP services. blueButler is an ideal solution for this new environment as it not only empowers front-line staff to be self-accountable, it also provides unique management oversight capabilities regardless of where staff are working.

Quick Facts

  • Thousands of agents use blueButler in their workflows; agency size ranges from 5 users to 1800+

  • blueButler customers together record over 50 Terabytes of compressed audio in a year

  • blueC is the only VoIP application platform integrated with Applied Epic, Vertafore’s product line (AMS360, QQ Catalyst, Sagitta, SIG), and Acturis PowerBroker

  • blueC worked with Economical Insurance to pioneer the use of audio signatures for insurance brokers in Canada; blueButler audio signatures are now widely accepted in the insurance market

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