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blueButler AI Co-Pilot

The most powerful and simple-to-use AI application for Insurance Agencies is available NOW!


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Why blueButler AI Co-Pilot is right for your agency?

With one click at anytime before or after your phone call, blueButler AI Co-pilot:

  1. ·        Automatically documents phone call meta data, conversation content; in your AMS/BMS (Supports all leading AMS’s and CRM’s).

  2. ·        Automatically  translates and transcribes in your AMS/BMS, recorded phone call audio into text, so that required call content can easily be shared and immediately used as needed by any party in the workflow.

  3. ·        Automatically summarizes in your AMS/BMS, phone call conversation content into concise key points, enabling immediate focused next steps.

  4. Automatically provides a Sentiment Analysis in your AMS/BMS to protect against “at risk” customers.

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