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You can delight customers with an enhanced customer experience by offering them a once-and-done call process. blueButler has an audio confirmation script that lets your staff take confirmations and acknowledgements over the phone so there is no need to follow up with customers after the documents are sent to them. No need to chase paper or responses. With blueButler, you can use Once-and-Done audio confirmations and acknowledgements to lock down your business during the customer call. Customers appreciate the convenience and you avoid the risk of losing the business while you wait for the customer`s response. blueButler enables you to deliver a Once-and-Done call experience – no need to chase the customer afterwards and subject them to voicemail tag or reminder emails. With blueButler’s recorded conversations linked to your agency management system files, you have all of the details of what was discussed with the customer in the recording. There is no need to enter copious notes in the activity record for E&O protection – now a short note will suffice. blueButler’s Once-and-Done audio confirmations and acknowledgements eliminates follow-up time with customers after a Policy Change or Renewal call. Think how much time staff can save by not getting caught in voicemail tag or chasing confirmations.

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