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Daily Call

Activity Manager

blueButler's Call Activity Manager will automatically record and embed all phone calls for the individual user and management teams to access anytime, anywhere (calls remain private to the user and the user's manager) blueButler displays phone calls like Outlook displays email and automatically displays a visual of every call with meta-data and playback buttons as soon as the call is complete. Users will have a visual display of the call-content / subject and blueButler will always tell the user and management team whether or not an Activity in your Agency Management System was or was not created.  Additionally, managers and team leads will have a display of the number of calls by staff and by call-content. Each users will have instant access to a powerful and simple-to-use search query where users can search for calls by Customer / Staff / Phone Number Used / Subject / Content Tag / Call Duration / Date / Time / Other. The user can simply Click “play” on any call to ensure best practices are followed. Function keys are at your figure tips to playback or email/share a recording as required for collaboration, email or to track leads. blueButler enables “Click to Call” where the user just clicks the number on their screen which prompts blueButler to automatically make the call from the

desk phone or soft phone.

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