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Embedded Call Recording 

With blueButler, every conversation is recorded and can be linked to the customer`s file in your Agency Management system. This lets you resolve “he-said / she-said” disputes quickly when they arise by letting your customer hear what was actually discussed rather than simply relying on notes in the customer file. When someone calls in sick or goes on vacation, there is no need for others to call the customer and have them repeat information – anyone can listen to the recorded conversation where customer provided the details. With blueButler’s recorded conversations linked to your agency management system files, you have all of the details of what was discussed with the customer in the recording. There is no need to enter copious notes in the activity record for E&O protection – now a short note will suffice. Handing off client files between staff members is simple. With blueButler, there is no need for detailed discussions on where things are at – the user can simply listen to the previous call(s) with the customer and be up-to-speed in minutes.

Hotline Consultant
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