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blueButler – Server and IT Requirements for Hosted VoIP

The requirements for the blueButler setup comprise the following:


Minimum Server Requirements

  • Windows 10 Pro if a workstation configuration is provided (or Windows 2012 / 2016 Server) 

  • Dual core processor, 8GB RAM, CD/DVD, monitor, NIC

  • RAID hard drive recommended 

  • Network backup for archiving data

  • HARD DISK: 100GB of hard disk holds approx. 12,000 hours of WMA / MP3 compressed recordings


blueButler Windows server

  • Decide if a dedicated workstation/server or virtual server is being used as the primary blueButler system. 

  • The main system for blueButler (virtual or dedicated) will require Windows 10 Pro or Windows 2012 / 2016 server, 32-bit or 64-bit. It should have a minimum of 8Gbytes of memory and a RAID disk partition configured for the audio recording files and SQL database storage. Estimate 1/2Gbyte per month per phone. blueC will install SQL Express during our remote software install unless you have an existing SQL server that you would prefer that we use. 

  • The blueButler server will need to be installed on the customer's domain and blueC can interface it with Active Directory for single sign-on.


Desktop users 

  • The Microsoft .NET 4 or later framework should be installed on the desktop PC for any user who will be accessing the blueButler application. Users should have speakers or a headset available in order to listen to the recordings. If users are accessing blueButler through Terminal Services or Citrix, ensure that the .NET framework is installed, that audio is enabled and that approximately 100Mbytes or memory per user is available.


Hosted VoIP service connection 

  • The hosted VoIP service will connect to the domain and will monitor and process the real-time call events and extract the recording files. will in turn synchronize them with the customer’s blueButler Windows server that stores the recordings and call records and provides the .NET client application for users to interact with the system.

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