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blueButler - No less than Game Changing 

blueButler enables staff to work from anywhere while providing unmatched management oversight; E&O protection, staff efficiencies, automated workflows; and unique

Agency / Broker Management System integration.

Cheerful Business Meeting

Agency Management System Integration

blueButler provides seamless integrations with many of the leading Agency and Broker Management systems to enable screen pop and automated activity creation

as well as guided workflows for staff.

Management Oversight

 blueButler’s call content tags, scripts, and checklists provide the framework for management to ensure consistency in call workflows within the agency and scheduled drill-down reports enable precision coaching and training in any area

of the business when required.

Smart Phone Call

VoIP System Integration  

blueButler integrates with most VoIP phone systems whether they are in the cloud or onsite enabling agency staff to work efficiently whether they are at the office,

working from home, or mobile.

Best Practices

blueButler’s unique database platform provides a completely automated audit trail of all incoming and outgoing calls with clients and empowers staff to be self-accountable by ensuring that all call related activities are created in the AMS/BMS system

along with links to the recorded conversations. 

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